A downloadable tool

A paint program for the NES. Also known as Kalle Paint.


  • 64*60 "pixels" (the edges may not be visible on some monitors)
  • 13 colors simultaneously (with some restrictions)
  • 1*1-pixel and 2*2-pixel brush
  • three modes: paint, attribute editor, palette editor

Paint mode:

  • the cursor is a non-blinking square
  • d-pad: move cursor
  • start button: change cursor size
  • B button: change cursor color
  • A button: paint
  • select button: switch to attribute editor
Attribute editor:
  • the cursor is a blinking square
  • d-pad: move cursor
  • B button: decrement subpalette at cursor
  • A button: increment subpalette at cursor
  • select button: switch to palette editor
Palette editor:
  • a small window at the bottom right corner
  • d-pad up/down: move cursor
  • d-pad left/right, B/A button: change color
  • start button: change subpalette
  • select button: switch to paint mode

Bug reports are welcome. (The program has not yet been tested on a real console.)

Made withGIMP
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSource code


qalle-paint-1.2.nes 24 kB

Install instructions

open the file in an NES emulator (e.g. FCEUX)

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